Welcome to BKW

BKW is a Value Added Reseller or VAR.
We combine audio, video, multimedia and computer components to build complete systems.

We have a diverse background in digital multimedia production and audio / video system design and integration.

Unlike retailers, who typically add little, if any, value to a product, we take special care to ensure that the product you purchase is going to work for your application. We support its use and its functionality within your infrastructure.

In addition to selling hardware and software, we also offer system design, integration, consulting, research, strategic planning and ongoing services including operator training and technical support.

As a VAR, in an emerging technology field, the scope of what we do is continually evolving.

From conception to completion we deliver a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our clientele.

BKW Incorporated looks forward to the opportunity of doing business with you. Our capabilities and genuine concern for our customer's satisfaction set us apart from other audio / visual vendors.

Featured Product

BKW Sells RED Cinema Cameras

RED Scarlet-WBKW has partnered with RED to sell high-end digital cinema cameras. RED has the resolution and dynamic range that sets the standard for professional cinema production.
For more information or to request a demo please contact us